Tim Rogers, the rock’n’roll wonderboy

Ten-time ARIA Award recognised You Am I frontman, Tim Rogers is set to command the stage in a rare stripped back solo appearance at The Greenhouse of Orange that’s guaranteed to be more than a sentimental journey of his 90’s indie hit songs.

The highly-charged, commanding presence of You Am I frontman Tim Rogers is to be stripped back in an almost brutally honest, rare live ‘n’ intimate appearance at The Greenhouse of Orange.

The Big Day Out or Homebake festivals – even ARIA Awards or Hottest 100 countdowns when they meant something – are a distant memory for many.

These are fond memories for Mr Timmy Rogers too, but this icon keeps busy in constant poetic pursuits of artistic expression in the now.

Rogers’ explorations of interior landscape were released in the form of the autobiography ‘Detours’ last year. As true musician, he prefers keeping a full diary than an empty one – keenly involved in theatre shows and tours when not travelling the country and internationally to perform solo, with friends, and in You Am I.

Of course you can expect amazing You Am Ihits like ‘Heavy Heart’ and ‘Berlin Chair’, but brace yourselves for more potency from a showman such as Tim Rogers.

Perhaps a plaid suit, maybe a matching baker boy hat or ruffle shirt as a costume greeting from the tall, wiry 6-foot-something can’t-miss-him-man as he takes the stage to emotionally purge. 

Tim’s packing an acoustic guitar for this show, but still expect explosive rock’n’roll postering to undoubtedly subconsciously connect with and take away.

Admittedly, we ‘know a guy who knows a guy’ and pulled a few strings in order for Tim Rogers to pull his tour bus into town, to offer live music in a raw and vulnerable state for you: The Audience.

While Rogers is in and out of recording studios often, there is no gimmick here. As part of an East Coast Australian tour, this tour date is all about the love of live music. Somewhat of a rarity these days when regional touring is concerned.

When the are lights down and conversation flows in the ambient atmosphere of The Greenhouse of Orange’s Wine Bar, it’s a perfect setting to channel into the power of intimacy of solo live music; to allow yourself to relax and settle in as you relate to this decorated artist and musician on a human level.

Tim Rogers performs at The Greenhouse of Orange on Saturday 27 October 2018 as part of his ‘Endless Cycle of Maintenance’ tour.
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