We’re right in the middle of Spring lamb season and in the Central West, we’re fortunate enough to have some of the finest quality lamb in Australia.

At The Greenhouse of Orange, we source all our lamb direct from farmer, Dan Whiteley. Dan and his family run Narambon Lamb, located on the outskirts of Cudal, where his pasture-fed and low-stress farming techniques produce succulent lamb.

With the lambs grazing on fresh Spring pastures, they tend to take up higher levels of Omega 3 and 6, plus the meat is leaner and more tender. Even more reason to put some lamb on your fork this Spring!

To celebrate Spring lamb season, our chefs have added the new a dish to our menu: horseshoe shape lamb cutlets with pea leaf oil, crunchy deep-fried qnocchi and a grilled spring onions.

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