We’re fortunate to have such a range of high quality meat producers in the region. Not only are beef, pork and lamb showcased on our menu, but we also list venison.

Mandagery Creek Australian Farmed Venison was established in July 2002 with a commitment to processing free-range, pasture-fed deer promising a superior, lean and subtle venison that is an exciting, accessible and healthy alternative red meat.

Tim Hansen, owner and Director of the family business, supervises both the slaughtering of all stock at a fully export-accredited abattoir and the production and packaging of all carcasses at a fully export-accredited boning room.

“We take a lot of care in the entire process and are happy to say the Mandagery Creek Australian Farmed Venison is 100% natural. It’s free from all antibiotics, stimulants and growth promotant hormones, and the production process is fully Halal certified,” Tim said.

Venison has been consumed for thousands of years and it is now re-emerging as a superior quality meat possessing wonderful flavour and extreme tenderness. Venison is high in iron & protein and low in fat and cholesterol providing proven health benefits. Mandagery Creek Australian Farmed Venison is a clean, safe meat that is completely free from all diseases. All Mandagery Creek Venison is free of antibiotics, stimulants and growth promotant hormones.

Mandagery Creek Australian Farmed Venison is:

  • LOW in fat
  • LOW in calories
  • LOW in cholesterol
  • HIGH in absorbable iron
  • HIGH in vitamins
  • HIGH in protein

When you visit The Greenhouse at Orange, look for Mandagery Creek Venison on our menu.