We have both thanks to Kurrafalls Farm

Our chef team recently visited Quenten, Lisa and their children Will and Darcy at their farm 25kms west of Orange NSW.

We took a tour of the farm where meat chickens, egg laying chickens, Dorper sheep and Angus cattle live humane lives on 300 acres of pasture.

The family uses regenerative farming practices to grow wholesome ethical food.

Animal rotations contribute to a dynamic, self-renewing system of farming that doesn’t need chemical fertilisers, pesticides or other artificial inputs.

Sheep rotate to fresh pasture every few days, cattle every day and the meat chickens and layers are free to roam all day every day. This multispecies rotational grazing leads to healthy grasses and soils.

With most of the farm’s produce and meat sold directly to its eaters, we’re lucky enough to have a quantity of fresh meat chickens and eggs delivered directly to The Greenhouse of Orange for dishes such as our breakfast Bacon and Egg Roll, Ploughman’s Toastie, our lunch Chicken Clay Pot, and dinner Chicken Breast.

Visit the Kurrafalls Farm website for more information.